Why Seneca Search?

Why Seneca Search?

It’s a guess, but maybe you’re visiting this site for one of three reasons:


Your existing executive recruitment provider(s) just aren’t as capable, committed, or consistent as they were.


You’re looking for a fresh approach to how senior talent is located and attracted into your organisation.


You’re exploring using an external executive recruiter for the first time or in a while.

Whatever brought you here, you’re probably wrestling with how best to go about making a business critical hire for your organisation - and there’s no shortage of executive recruiters, right?  

Well, if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. And we’ve been there too. So, please imagine an executive recruitment service with a fresh take on how executive recruitment is delivered, one that delivers with rigour, speed, and quality. Why?

Because this proven capability is born out of 15+ years’ experience in-house. Working at corporates, SMEs, and scaling startups. Both as hands-on search / headhunt practitioner and as “the client” (managing 30+ external search assignments on behalf of executive teams). Delivering senior hires globally (in the UK, and from America to Kazakhstan to Vietnam; and many places in-between).

So, this is an approach, process, and methodology that has been proven to work for senior hiring across multiple sectors, disciplines, and geographies.

This capability has been earned from direct experience, from success and failure, but always with a drive for continuous improvement and working smarter; and now to deliver for the benefit of Seneca Search’s customers.

So why not benefit from our hard-earned experience and enjoy an executive recruitment service that is transparent, thorough, and effective (and underpinned by the latest executive search specific technology).

Services for you

Your hiring need is unique, with specifics and nuances that must be acknowledged, uncovered, and understood from the outset. So Seneca’s proven approach will elicit a breadth, depth and quality of detail to set up your search assignment for success.


Here To Help You

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

My career has been dedicated to helping businesses to hire people. My first encounter with the Seneca quote above was more than 20 years ago, and it was a light bulb moment!

Since then I’ve strived to ensure that my preparation for each hiring opportunity is sufficiently thorough and robust to expedite and optimise the process and outcomes.

This approach, over the last 15 years at corporates, SMEs and venture capital startups and scaleups, has helped me to deliver hundreds of hires at all levels up to and including CxO and across a wide variety of industry sectors and global geographies.

It’s exactly the same in my search work. For 10 years search has been a critical component in my work, either as a hands-on practitioner to deliver high-profile, hard-to-find hires, or by partnering with external executive search firms ranging from the top global firms to niche and boutique ones.

'Seneca Search was created to provide clients with this proven capability to plan, execute and deliver on executive or senior strategic recruitment needs.'

Andy Wire – Independent Executive Recruiter – Seneca Search