Start-up & Scale-up Recruitment

Start-up and Scale-up Recruitment

I love hiring for startups. Their creativity, energy, and commitment are inspiring and contagious.

However, recruitment is hard, and it can be even more challenging for startups and scaleups. The #1 challenge for most founders is not raising money, closing deals, doing sales, or finding partners; it’s recruiting people!

Do you need to partner with an experienced external recruiter?

A “YES” to any of these questions and you probably do…

  • Are your company’s growth and scaling constrained by the lack of additional employees?
  • Are workloads heavy, unsustainable, and detracting from other work too?
  • Are you an overworked founder, and with no one to delegate critical work to?
  • Are you relatively inexperienced in recruitment, or in the type of hire you need to make, or simply lack sufficient time to do it?

The implications of getting it wrong can be significant: loss of productivity, slower growth, the extra cost and time required to replace the employee; not to mention reputational risk and a potentially fatal impact on your start-up.

So, why Seneca Search?

  • I know this space. I’ve helped to locate, evaluate, select and secure startup and scaleup hires (up to and including CxO level) across multiple sectors both in the UK and internationally.
  • I’ve worked closely with venture capital partners as well as startup CEOs and their senior management teams.
  • I’ve devised, delivered and led activity to scale a variety of startups from ‘founders-only’ to mature companies of up to 75 employees.


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Download our full indicative process flow

From the outset we clearly define our search process,  tailoring each journey to the organisation we represent,  Download our indicative guide to see how we work.