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Services for You

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

This maxim by Seneca, a 1st century AD statesman and Stoic philosopher, is a guiding principle for Seneca Search, hence the company name.


Your hiring need is unique, with specifics and nuances that must be acknowledged, uncovered, and understood from the outset. So Seneca’s proven approach will elicit a breadth, depth and quality of detail to set up your search assignment for success. All the key dimensions of your requirement will be explored and clarified, from commercial imperatives to company culture and values, from skillset and EQ to package and prospects, plus candidates’ perspective of “what’s in it for me.”  Your input at the outset will be critical but the impact on your time is minimised (up to a couple of hours typically).

To Locate, Evaluate, and Secure YOUR CANDIDATES
  • Wherever your hiring need is located in the world we have direct experience of delivering successful searches in the UK, Continental Europe, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, the Middle East, North America, and South America.
  • Our evaluation of candidates is tailored to your specific requirement and selection criteria. Seneca draws on 15+ years of hands-on experience delivering hires - many confidential ones - at C-level and senior management level, and rare or scarce business critical/strategic skill sets.
  • Securing the intended hire is a Seneca strength. We understand which factors to explore and verify throughout the process (there are 10 critical ones). As a result, we ensure you are only considering viable candidates and, come the time, we will know how to position and present the job offer to optimal effect.
To Execute your search assignment with speed and quality

Your executive recruitment need will have its own context and commercial imperatives. So Seneca will propose and agree with you a process and timeline that are both appropriate and realistic, and deliverable with speed and quality.

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